Tax Representation

Rubinstein & Rubinstein, LLP has a very successful record in representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and State tax authorities.

We have represented and advised clients in:

  • criminal and civil tax investigations and audits;
  • protests and appeals of tax deficiencies and tax assessments;
  • removal of tax levies and liens;
  • tax mediations, litigations and appeals;
  • voluntary disclosures of offshore income and foreign assets;
  • negotiations of Offers In Compromise, reduction in penalties and installment payment plans;
  • obtaining revenue rulings and advisory opinions from tax authorities, and tax advice and representation in connection with income tax, sales tax, estate tax, tax compliance and tax mitigation.

Recently, we have an ever-expanding practice in representing taxpayers in connection with foreign assets.  Such representation has included the preemptive disclosure of such assets in exchange for reduced penalties, as well as defensive representation in investigations or audits.  Our expertise includes bringing offshore assets into US tax compliance and mitigation of past non-compliance.

We also advise foreign persons and businesses on US tax compliance and tax minimization in connection with US assets and US business activities. We also advise US taxpayers in connection with expatriation.

The following articles provide information on our tax representation. Please contact us for additional information or to schedule a consultation.

Tax Compliance

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