What We Do

Our special practice concentrations are:

  • Domestic and International Asset Protection Planning
  • Domestic and International Estate and Tax Minimization Planning
  • Tax disputes, tax compliance, tax representation and tax consultation

As a result of our experience and expertise in these disciplines, we regularly represent clients in the related areas of:

  • Debtors’ and Creditors’ Rights
  • Business Entity Structures and Strategic Planning
  • Representation Before The IRS and State Tax Departments
  • International Banking
  • Probate and Estate Administration
  • Tax Litigation
  • Probate and Estate Litigation
  • Business and Commercial Litigation

Since 1991, we have earned a reputation for professionalism, expertise, aggressiveness, attention to detail and commitment to our clients.

The breadth of our experience is reflected in the diversity of our clientele. Rubinstein & Rubinstein, LLP represents high net worth individuals, including well known entertainment personalities, sports figures, business leaders, corporate executives, physicians, attorneys, securities brokers, real estate owners and entrepreneurs.  We also represent corporations and other business entities in various industries including fashion, jewelry, retail, construction, real estate, technology, communications, securities, finance and investment banking, health care, physical fitness, wine and hospitality.

Our practice is truly international and includes individuals and business entities from Hong Kong to Hawaii; including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Canada, the Caribbean, emerging markets, former Soviet republics, and throughout the United States.

Our Practice Areas


We are proud of our reputation as the preeminent asset protection law firm in the United States. We have been pioneers in this field and have developed domestic and international asset protection strategies that enjoy an impeccable record of success.

We carefully safeguard the privacy of our clients and the confidentiality of their assets. Rather than basing asset protection strategies on the secretion of assets, we use the law – – both U.S. and foreign – – to create secure, impenetrable barriers around those assets.  As a result, our asset protection strategies have withstood the test of time as well as governmental and judicial scrutiny.

Through the use of family limited partnerships, trusts and corporations, we have designed and implemented domestic asset protection plans that have consistently protected clients’ assets from aggressive litigants and predatory creditors.

Internationally, we have developed strategies utilizing asset protection trusts, corporate entities, limited partnerships and more esoteric vehicles such as foreign debentures, foreign annuities and private placement insurance, which have successfully protected clients’ assets in extremely sensitive situations.

In order to ensure the safety of our clients’ offshore assets, we have developed long standing relationships with well credentialed international banking institutions, attorneys, trustees and government officials at the highest levels in various offshore jurisdictions.


Our attorneys have earned a reputation for experience, expertise and creativity in the development of sophisticated domestic estate and tax plans designed to maximize asset preservation and minimize taxes.  Through the use of wills, domestic trusts and family limited partnerships, we have achieved our clients’ goals of efficient, probate-free distribution of wealth between generations, successful business succession planning and estate tax minimization.

Rubinstein & Rubinstein, LLP also provides probate and administration services to estates, including the supervision of estate valuations, liquidations and distributions, and the preparation of estate tax returns.  In addition, we provide tax consultation in connection with the establishment and operation of tax-exempt charitable trusts and private foundations.

We have also developed effective domestic strategies for the mitigation and deferral of capital gains tax and, in many cases, personal and business income tax.


Rubinstein & Rubinstein, LLP has been instrumental in the development of creative, tax compliant offshore strategies for the elimination, deferral or minimization of capital gains tax, ordinary income tax and estate tax.

Our attorneys are experienced in the use of foreign deferred variable annuities, private placement international insurance, offshore captive insurance and reinsurance entities, offshore non grantor trusts and other international vehicles in the preparation and implementation of tax minimization plans that comply with U.S. and foreign tax laws.

As a leader in the field of tax-compliant offshore planning, we have significant expertise and experience in the conversion of non-compliant offshore structures into U.S. tax-compliant entities and in representing U.S. beneficial owners of non-compliant accounts before the I.R.S


Our attorneys have extensive experience in the representation of clients before the Internal Revenue Service and before state departments of taxation and finance.  Such representation has included:

  • the review and analysis of tax returns and underlying documentation
  • representation at audits and investigations
  • representation in Voluntary Disclosure initiatives
  • negotiation of Offers In Compromise, abatements of penalties and/or interest and installment payment plans
  • protest and/or appeal of determinations of tax deficiency and tax assessments
  • removal of tax liens
  • obtaining revenue rulings and advisory opinions
  • tax mediation
  • advice and representation in connection with income tax, sales tax, estate tax, tax compliance and tax mitigation.

The firm also represents clients in civil and criminal tax investigations and litigates on behalf of clients before the U.S. Tax Court.


Our attorneys are skilled in advising business entities in the structuring of their activities for the purposes of minimizing or eliminating U.S. taxation of foreign income, maximizing the tax benefits available from international royalty, licensing and insurance agreements, and utilizing tax credits available as a result of activities in tax free or tax advantaged zones.

In addition, we regularly counsel business entities in the structuring of their U.S. business activities for the purpose of reducing potential liabilities and insulating business assets from such liabilities.


The firm maintains an active practice in the area of pre bankruptcy planning and the negotiation of debt restructuring and work out agreements.  In addition, we represent individual and corporate debtors in defending against foreclosure and collection actions, and we represent individual and corporate creditors in the prosecution of collection actions, including the location, restraint and seizure of assets.


Rubinstein & Rubinstein, LLP has successfully represented individual and corporate clients in state and federal courts at trial and appellate levels. The firm has advanced and defended claims in the areas of:

  • corporate shareholder and partnership disputes and dissolutions
  • creditors’ rights
  • debtors’ rights
  • breach of contract
  • fraudulent conveyance
  • enforcement of judgments
  • receivership
  • civil forfeiture of assets
  • restraint and seizure of assets
  • real estate foreclosure
  • fraud

We have also developed a special concentration in probate and estate litigation before the Surrogate’s Court.  Our attorneys have represented clients in will contests, prosecution and defense of trustees, executors and estate administrators, breach of fiduciary duty, competency and guardianship proceedings.


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