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Contact Numbers

Calling withing the United States

  • Telephone: 212-888-6600
  • Facsimile: 212-888-7443
Calling from outside the United States

  • Telephone: 001-212-888-6600
  • Facsimile: 001-212-888-6600

Partners’ Email Addresses & Telephone Extensions

Kenneth Rubinstein, Esq.
1-212-888-6600 extension 206
Asher Rubinstein, Esq.
1-212-888-6600 extension 205


New York City

845 Third Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, New York 10022

(212) 888-6600

Rockland County

46 Roberts Road
New City, New York 10956-4233

(212) 888-6600

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