Case Histories

Below, we present a few actual case histories. They involve real clients and real events, although names, dates and places have been changed to protect client privacy and confidentiality.

While these case histories may seem colorful and even dramatic, asset protection is important for everyone, including mainstream clients who simply want to keep the assets that they have worked so hard to acquire, from aggressive litigants and hungry creditors. We have been successful in protecting such diverse assets as historic New York City brownstones, a pastoral, rural horse farm, a fleet of yachts, important collections of artwork. But typically we protect the personal and business assets of people like you — startup entrepreneurs, family businesses, professionals in high-liability fields, real estate investors and owners.

We hope you enjoy reading these case histories, but please understand — we do not present them to gloat over our victories; we present them to illustrate how a properly and professionally constructed asset protection strategy will succeed in protecting your assets.

1) The Case of the Big-Hearted Socialite
How the triple strategy of Family Limited Partnerships, a foreign asset protection trust, and equity stripping protected a rural horse farm.

2) The Case of Boris, The Cuckolded Shepherd
How an offshore asset protection trust protected assets from divorce.

3) Murder On Fifth Avenue
Protecting real estate in extreme situations.

4) The Case of The Party Boat Blues
How the owner of party yachts protected his business assets from frivolous litigation.

5) The Bullet-Proof Trust
Liechtenstein asset protection trust was legal, U.S. tax compliant, protected our client’s assets and was upheld by Liechtenstein’s highest court

6)  The Efficacy of Family Limited Partnerships

Via Family Limited Partnerships, our client successfully achieved significant tax savings AND asset protection from creditors and litigants.

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